FINALLY beat DA 2 for the second time.

And I swear, I was even more hysterical than the first time.

My emotions…let me walk you through them.

When I noticed the desperation in Meredith’s voice for the first time:

"Why do you sound so tortured? Who has hurt you so much?!"

Of course, Anders blowing up the Chantry:

When Sebastian mentioned ‘waffling’:

Then when Sebastian told me I could either kill Anders or he would walk:

After I finally killed Anders as I had planned to do since the beginning of part 2:

When I realized that my Hawke was a terrible healer and my entire party died in front of my statue at the docks:

When I finally made it to the Gallows and Carver asked if I would actually fight my own brother:

When Meredith interrupted our moment:


Talking to each of my party members:

  • Sebastian melting away my frustrations with his sweetness:

  • Merrill trying to come up with something sincere to say just in case it’s our last time together:

  • Varric just being PERFECTION:

  • Isabela giving me the most heartfelt confession I’ve ever heard from her:

  • Aveline telling me what I’m doing is right:

  • And finally Fenris as he caresses Hawke’s cheek ever so nicely, then kisses her up a bit:

Orsino using blood magic:

"I’m here so you DON’T have to resort to that!"

Finding Sandal:

Confronting Meredith:

Carver choosing to fight with me:

Cullen following after him:

Meredith grabbing Hawke’s face and skewering her like the Arishock:

When my bestie and I had found out that Zevran had joined the fight with me:

Defeating Meredith:

Realizing that I had just finished my playthrough as my favorite and most developed Hawke yet:

PHEW! Now that THATS out of my system…I can get started on drawing out some of the fun adventures my Hawke had.

And here’s the screen cap with Zevran. I never realized he would jump in on the action for you! My warden would’ve been so proud of him!

(Also, I am SO sorry for the length! I’m trying to get the ‘read more’ break to work, but for some reason I’m not having luck with it!)